Combined silicon rubber and resin block insulation bushings

CRS combined insulation bushing

One of the major trends currently in the transformer industry is dry insulation bushing technology.  Our solution combines epoxy resin with silicon rubber sheds to provide the safest in-service conditions.

COMEM has applied 50 years of experience offering an entire range of combined insulator bushings that will outperform conventional technologies .The CRS bushing provides:

  •  Solid insulation. There is no oil contained within the bushing which drastically reduces the risk of leaks and fires.
  •  The control of partial discharges thanks to the routine tests in accordance with the relevant standards.
  • Application for off-shore platforms from the high quality standards in raw materials.

These bushings can be applied in:

  • Oil insulated transformers. The bushing is available for voltage range from 24 to 72.5 kV and with current range from 630 to 6300 A.
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